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August 7, 2015 / dylanwaco

Scenic City Invitational Tournament Project


On August 7th and 8th the first ever (and hopefully first annual) Scenic City Invitational tournament will be held at the Empire Arena in Rossville, Georgia.  While this is certainly not the first independent wrestling tournament to be held in the South, it is perhaps the most diverse and ambitious.  As of this week all of the participants and first round match-ups are known.  The tournament field is as follows:

Caprice Coleman v. Jason Collins

Mark Vandy v. Ace Rockwell

Kong Kong v. Tank

Jimmy Rave v. Anthony Henry

Corey Hollis v. Joey Lynch

Chip Day v. Gunner Miller

Moose v. KT Hamill

Gunner v. Chrisjen Hayme

Obviously this tournament is a rather diverse field including some people who have worked for national promos, some who are known independent wrestling commodities, and others who are regional or local players looking to make a bigger name for themselves.

In an effort to get people excited for this tournament and Southern independent wrestling in general, in the weeks leading up to the event, this blog will be looking at matches from each individual participant in the tourney.  We hope you follow along, enjoy the matches, and find some new favorites along the way.

For more information on the Scenic City Invitational check out their Facebook page.

Matches looked at so far:

Jimmy Rave vs. Mike Cruz

Gunner Miller vs. Bane

Moose vs. Worst Case Scenario

Kongo Kong vs. Brian Defiance

Mark Vandy vs. Justin Myers

Chip Day vs. Chase Owens

Caprice Coleman vs. Sonjay Dutt

Tank vs. Brad Cash

K.T. Hamill vs. Caleb Konley

Jason Collins vs. Kyle Matthews

Corey Hollis vs. BJ Hancock

Anthony Henry vs. Cedric Alexander

Chrisjen Hayme vs. Johnny Viper

Gunner vs. Chris Andrews

Ace Rockwell vs. Shaun Tempers

Joey Lynch vs. Matt Fortune


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