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October 8, 2016 / Kevin Ford

Wani vs. Officer Warren Barksdale from CHIKARA Judgment Day

Post by Kevin Ford:

Wani refuses to let go of the two swords he wields, so Barksdale rights him a citation for not obeying the rules. Wani uses one of his swords to knock it out of his hands.. Bryce Remsburg disposes of the swords and Barksdale’s handcuffs. Wani attacks Barksdale from behind. After a headbutt he whips Barksdale back first to the corner. He chokes Barksdale with his boot after some chops. Wani tears up the citation from earlier before suplexing Barksdale for a two count. Barksdale maneuvers Wani into an O’Connor Roll. Wani escapes, back elbows Barksdale, and lands a senton splash for two. Wani does some damage to Barksdale’s shoulder before landing a corner splash. His Muta elbow drop earns a two count. Barksdale counters a suplex with a small package. Wani kicks out and takes Barksdale down with a running boot for his own two count. He transitions from a Camel Clutch into a chinlock. Barksdale breaks it with a jawbreaker. Wani catches Barksdale and drives him back first into the opposite corner. Once again Barksdale escapes a chinlock with a jawbreaker. Barksdale gets his first sustained offense with a running knee to the corner, followed by a lariat. He comes off the second rope with a twisting crossbody for two. He dropkicks Wani to the floor. When Barksdale goes to grab him, Wani jams nunchucks into Barksdale’s throat! Wani puts on the Tazzmission and Barksdale taps out at 8:34.

This was a good showing for Wani, who on top of being dominant showcased a variety of offense. The nunchucks out of literally nowhere was a bit odd, perhaps even unnecessary since Wani had worked over Barksdale’s neck the entire match, and his finisher is a running neckbreaker. Despite that, this was a solid match with two newcomers getting to showcase their characters. **¼

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