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October 2, 2016 / Kevin Ford

Dez Peloton vs. Sonny Defarge & Cornelius Crummels from CHIKARA Hour of Power #3

Post by Kevin Ford:

This is a rematch from “The Black Goodbye.” Kluger takes down Defarge with a wheelbarrow suplex. Defarge sneezes in Kluger’s hand to free himself from a chinlock. Defarge wants a claw but Kluger holds onto the arm to stop. Crummels tries to assist, but Kluger shoves their hands in one another’s faces. Kluger palm strikes Defarge before Tippins comes in with a bicycle kick. They go for the Broken Arrow but Crummels knee strikes Tippins from the apron. Tippins however deposits Crummels onto Defarge on the ropes. Tippins bodyscissors Defarge and manipulates his arms as if they’re handlebars. Defarge drives Tippins head first into Kluger in the corner. He comes off the middle rope with a European uppercut to Tippins for two. Crummels helps Defarge wear down Tippins in their half of the ring. Defarge baits Kluger into the ring. All four men catch each others’ legs, leading to four men incidentally kicking each other in the groin. Dez Peloton deliver some Manhattan Drops and Defarge and Crummels accidentally crotch themselves in the corners to make a bad situation worse. Defarge falls into Kluger’s legs, and Tippins rolls up Crummels for two. Tippins looks to Climb the Summit but misses, landing groin first on his bike helmet. Great Expectations get Defarge and Crummels the win at 9:56.

This was about as good as their match from “The Black Goodbye”, but with 100% more gential humor! *

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