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August 7, 2015 / TJ Hawke

Jimmy Rave vs. Anthony Henry from Scenic City Invitational 2015

Read all about the first Scenic City Invitational Tournament!

Post by TJ Hawke:

Scenic City Invitational First Round Match

This was just on a whole different level compared to everything else. They spent the first portion of the match having Henry out-wrestle Rave. It was done in a manner that really made Henry look great and made Rave look smart for taking so many breaks to avoid getting in serious trouble. That strategy paid off for Rave, as he suffered no serious damage and was eventually able to cut off Henry with a lariat.

Rave then controlled the match, as Henry paid the price for not going for any big moves when he had the advantage. Fittingly though, finally going to that strategy paid off hugely for Henry, and he made the match competitive again by hitting apron moves and a dive. Rave recognized he was in trouble though and tried to sneak out the win with a pinning combo. That failed, but Rave immediately transitioned to a crossface for the win.

This match featured compelling action, fantastic storytelling, a masterclass heel performance from Rave, a breakout performance from Henry, and a fun environment. This was a genuinely great match, and Rave’s work was one of my favorite performances of 2015. (****)




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