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November 23, 2014 / TJ Hawke

Cesaro vs. Jack Swagger from WWE’s Survivor Series 2014

Recap from TJ Hawke:

Before the match, they did the xenophobic dealio to get the crowd invested in this impromptu match. It sucks, but this is a company doing a Cold War story at the moment. They’re ignorant and don’t want to change.

I think WWE put this on Youtube in full by mistake. Cesaro went for a double stomp, but Swagger reversed it into an ankle lock. Cesaro kicked Swagger away and then caused Swagger to crash into the ringpost. Does Swagger have to steal every Kurt Angle spot? Cesaro hit a German. Cesaro was in control until Swagger hit a German of his own. Swagger then made a comeback by going after Cesaro’s left knee. Cesaro blocked the Swagger Bomb, but Swagger got the ankle lock. Cesaro hit two rolling Germans. Swagger rolled through a third attempt and applied an ankle lock on the injured leg. Cesaro tapped out!

German suplexes. Ankle lock story. Leg selling. Decent heat. Short match with no time wasted. GIANT THUMBS UP FOR THIS PRE-SHOW MATCH!

Match Rating: ***


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