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November 29, 2014 / Stephen D Gaunt

Da Hoodz vs. The Influence from Beyond Wrestling Alive and Kicking 2014

Post by Stephen Gaunt:

The thing is with matches like this is that with no commentary you need your wits about you to work out who everyone is. For you dear reader I’ve done just that! (I hope.)

Our team are The Influence consisting of Jason Devine (two tone mullet) and Mike Montero (non mullet).

Their opponents are Kris Pyro (smaller) and Davey Cash (the larger), and they are Da Hoodz.

Anyways, Montero jumps Pyro to start with a series of kicks and a flying neckbreaker. Devine comes in, and he flapjacks his partner onto Pyro for two. That’s followed by a decapitation knee for another two before Cash comes in, and they catch Devine in peril.

Devine is worked over for a short while until he tags Montero by in, and they both nail a few kick combos and an assisted Air Raid Crash for two.

Da Hoodz then isolate Devine and take him out on the floor. Then they finish Montero with and assisted jumping tombstone.

This is ok. There isn’t a heel or face, and you don’t really care about either team. Also, due to the 6 and a half minute match length, you won’t really remember it 5 minutes later.


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