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September 3, 2016 / Kevin Ford

Missile Assault Man vs. Mark Angelosetti from CHIKARA King of Trios 2016

Post by Kevin Ford:

Angelosetti intercepts Missile’s uppercut and headbutts him in the jaw. After tossing Missile outside with reckless abandon, Angelosetti follows out to do more damage. Missile reverses a whip and clotheslines Angelosetti into the hard floor. Angelosetti dips into the ring and catches Missile with a foot as he enters. Missile takes him down with a slam. He stomps and pummels Angelosetti as the crowd spells out his name. Angelosetti stops him with a right hand. A Jon Woo dropkick and vertical suplex barely gets a one count. He slams Missile into a running knee drop. Angelosetti throws him head first into the top turnbuckle. He chokes Missile on the middle rope, including driving his bodyweight onto Missile’s back. Angelosetti snaps the rope into his kidney. From out of nowhere Missile backdrops Angelosetti. He rocks Angelosetti with an uppercut, transitioning right into a trifecta of Northern Lights suplexes. He spikes Angelosetti with a rolling Death Valley Driver for two. He calls for the Missile Launcher. Angelosetti counters into the Flea Flicker for two. Angelosetti gives Missile his own Missile Launcher. He can’t believe that only renders a two count. He chops Missile against the ropes. When Angelosetti hits the ropes, Missile catches him on the rebound with a running uppercut for two. He drops Angelosetti on the top rope and uppercuts him in the mid-section. Missile tries a reverse superplex. Angelosetti lands on his feet. He sends Missile shoulder first into the turnbuckles before hitting the Colossal Bomb for the pin at 10:28.

This felt like a fight from the get go, as both men were ruthless and incessant with their offense. These are two of the most underrated wrestlers on the roster and matches like this show exactly that. We’ve seen Never Wake Up become a world beater of a move in CHIKARA this year and the Colossal Bomb is quickly becoming another move in the heXed Men’s arsenal that is unstoppable. I really enjoyed this. ***

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