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September 2, 2016 / Kevin Ford

The Batiri vs. Moustache Mountain & Dasher Hatfield from CHIKARA King of Trios 2016

Post by Kevin Ford:

Dasher Hatfield and Moustache Mountain are known as “Major League Moustache.” Kobald refuses to lock-up with Hatfield. Although Kobald gets a kick in the stomach, Hatfield armdrags him twice into a crucifix pin for two. Hatfield takes a wristlock exchange, maneuvering Kobald into a Magistral cradle for two. Kobald tries a prawn hold, but Hatfield cuts back for another two count. Kobald bites on Hatfield’s shoulder. Hatfield blind tags in Seven. Hatfield neck drags Kobald into a low boot from Seven. Seven resists Kodama’s running shoulder blocks, wearing Kodama out. Finally, Seven sends Kodama outside with his own running shoulder block. Bate baits Obariyon into a knee strike to the face. He rams his foot into Obariyon’s face before nailing him with a dropkick. Major League Moustache all take turns holding up Obariyon in a lengthy, delayed vertical suplex, ending with a Jackhammer from Hatfield. Kobald breaks up the pin. Hatfield hogties Kobald up using Kobald’s own tail. When Obariyon and Kodama enter the ring, Moustache Mountain put them in stereo abdominal stretches, with a little assist from Hatfield. Kobald is freed and dropkicks Hatfield. Obariyon and Kodama hip toss their way free and knock Moustache Mountain to the floor, leaving Hatfield to be isolated in the Batiri corner. Hatfield manages to fallaway slam Kobald into Obariyon and Kodama, but eats the Skull Bronzing for two, thanks to Bate jumping in. Hatfield tries shoving them to the corner, but Kobald helps push them back. Hatfield backdrops all three Batiri members at once and tags in both Bate and Seven. They clean house on Obariyon and Kodama with chops and headbuts to the stomach, kneeling on their shoulders for a pair of nearfalls. Seven Dragon suplexes Obariyon on his head. Bate then Bermuda Triangles onto Obariyon and Kodama! In the ring, Seven gives Kodama piledriver before feeding him to Bate for an Orange Crush Bomb and the win at 13:32.

This was a very well put together match, with both teams looking strong, and comedy that felt organic. It was surprising to see the Batiri go so early on, but they couldn’t have fallen to a better team. This type of a match is a perfect snapshot of CHIKARA at it’s best. ***

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