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August 21, 2016 / Kevin Ford

Ophidian vs. Hermit Crab from CHIKARA No One’s First, and You’re Next

Post by Kevin Ford:

This is a rematch from the “Hour of Power” two weeks prior where Crab refused to let go of a Half Crab when Ophidian grabbed the ropes. Like last month, Crab shoves Ophidian. Ophidian responds with a bicycle kick, spinwheel kick, and corkscrew enzuigiri. He drives his knees into Crab’s chest, then again from a headstand position. He misses Meteora. Crab rolls him into the Flat Crab. Ophidian gets the ropes and this time Crab releases before the five count. Ophidian throws numerous palm thrusts to the chest and a spin kick to the head. Crab comes back with a backdrop putting pressure on Ophidian’s right leg. Crab drives his knee into Ophidian’s leg. He crab walks across the ring and kicks out Ophidian’s leg. Ophidian backslides Crab and tries a bridge, but gets trapped into a leg lock. Ophidian again gets the ropes. Ophidian kicks Crab to the ropes and tries a small package. Crab blocks and kicks Ophidian in his hurt knee. He tries a crab walk quebrada but misses. Ophidian hits Meteora. He goes for a pin but Crab puts him back in the Flat Crab! Ophidian gets the ropes for a third time. Crab looks for another submission, but Ophidian walks him back and locks him in an Oklahoma Roll for the pin at 5:27!

This was a nice payoff to their Hour of Power match. Ophidian went harder and faster than he did in that match, showing more urgency with Crab, and Crab had a strategy in wearing down Ophidian’s leg and going for his pet submission move. It took Ophidian tying him up in a pinning combination to beat him. I said in that match Crab came out looking stronger, and I feel he looked even stronger coming out of this contest. **¼

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