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June 26, 2016 / Kevin Ford

Fire Ant vs. Frightmare vs. CHIKARA Hour of Power #1

Post by Kevin Ford:

If Fire Ant defeats Frightmare, he will have enough points to challenge for Hallowicked’s Grand Championship, so Frightmare is ostensibly serving as gatekeeper. Fire Ant avoids Frightmare’s yakuza kick. He goes for a series of quick nearfalls, but Frightmare kicks out of all of them. Frightmare pummels Fire Ant and connects with a yakuza kick. He sends Fire Ant out with a diving clothesline, then follows with a tope con hilo. He does damage to Fire Ant’s back outside, including a suplex on the floor. When Fire Ant rolls into the ring, Frightmare stomps the heck out of his back. He pulls on his chin while driving his knee into Fire Ant’s back repeatedly. After choking Fire Ant on the middle rope, he hits a standing moonsault on his back for two. He once again digs his knees into Fire Ant’s upper back while on the middle rope. Fire Ant has things nearly turned around when Frightmare Jon Woo dropkicks him to the corner. He uses the ropes to propel his feet into Fire Ant’s back for two. He also gets two with a backbreaker. Frightmare whips Fire Ant into the corner, but the impact fires him up. They trade forearm strikes with Fire Ant throwing in a series of palm strikes to the chest. Frightmare ducks a kick and delivers an enzuigiri. Fire Ant low bridges the top rope to send Frightmare outside. Fire Ant lands his own tope con hilo. Inside the ring, Fire Ant lands a high crossbody. Two leaping forearm strikes connect. He brings down Frightmare with Wildfire for two. Frightmare shoves him to the corner to avoid a brainbuster. Frightmare tries his own, but Fire Ant counters mid-air by Burning Down the House. Frightmare ducks the Yahtzee Kick but eats a standing kick to the head. Fire Ant’s back won’t allow him to get a brainbuster. Frightmare pounds on the back before hitting the Friggin’ Sweet Driver for two. He then hits Kneecolepsy on Fire Ant’s back, but again he kicks out. Frightmare puts on a modified Camel Clutch. Fire Ant gets the ropes He rolls up from the mat and gets Frightmare in a prawn hold. Frightmare rolls back and double stomps Fire Ant’s back before reapplying the Clutch. When Fire Ant is about to escape, Frightmare goes for Kneecolepsy but misses. Fire Ant nails the Yahtzee kick. After Frightmare kicks out of a brainbuster, Fire Ant spikes him with the Beach Break for the pin at 11:39.

I really liked the story here. Fire Ant came right out of the gate with urgency, looking to get that quick win and secure his third point. Frightmare was diligent in working over his back, but Fire Ant would not be denied, and after looking for the brainbuster multiple times in the match, he finally willed himself into getting Frightmare up for it and following up with a Beach Break to get the win. Along with his interactions with Hallowicked in the Infinite Gauntlet and earlier in the month in trios action, this set him up as a worthy contender for Hallowicked’s Grand Champion, which he would challenge for the next month. This was a fine way to end the first Hour of Power and make the experience worthwhile. ***¼

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