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May 28, 2016 / Kevin Ford

Ophidian vs. Hermit Crab from CHIKARA Aniversario: The Chamber of Secrets

Post by Kevin Ford:

Crab boots Ophidian in the stomach to stop his oncoming charge. Crab gets in a couple of strikes, but Ophidian headbutts him thrice in the chest. Crab whips him to the corner. Ophidian headstands and awaits for Crab to crab walk over to him. When Crab does, Ophidian headstands over him and avoids a running pincer. Ophidian headstands into a headbutt to the stomach. He hits a moonsault for two. Crab grabs a nerve hold and delivers a clothesline. He slams Ophidian twice and digs both his claws into Ophidian’s shoulders. Crab whips him to the corner again and crab walks towards him. His slow walk results in Ophidian being able to recover and throw a variety of chops. Ophidian responds to Crab’s pincer hold with a claw of his own. Ophidian headbutts Crab’s arms away and hits an enzuigiri. Crab chokeslams Ophidian. He connects with an uppercut in the corner, causing Crab to celebrate. Ophidian props himself up in the ropes and hypnotizes Hermit Crab (and Bryce Remsburg, incidentally). Ophidian starts a dance contest which ends with Crab pinching himself! Ophidian snaps him out of the trance with a bicycle kick and double knees in the corner. He headstands into a double knee strike, then hits Meteora for the pin at 6:59.

This told a fun story, with Crab’s claws leading to his very demise. This could be used as a growth opportunity for the character if they wanted it to be. Crab still needs polishing, but Ophidian helped cover up his flaws and produce a fun match. *¼

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