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May 27, 2016 / Kevin Ford

Heidi Lovelace & N_R_G vs. Frightmare & The Batiri from CHIKARA Aniversario: Catching Fire

Post by Kevin Ford:

Frightmare jumps Rockwell from behind and sends him to the corner with a quesadora armdrag. He strings some strikes together, finally taking Rockwell off his feet with a diving clothesline and Frankensteiner. Jaxon comes in with a high crossbody. He hits an enzuigiri and tags in Lovelace. They both attack Frightmare in the corner. Lovelace gives him a low superkick for two. Frightmare backs Jaxon to the corner so the Batiri can pummel him. Jaxon catches Obariyon in a Gory Special in the ropes, but Kodama kicks him in the face to release his partner. Lovelace jumps in and unleashes chops and forearms to Obariyon in the corner. Obariyon stops her with a punch to the jaw. The Batiri and Frightmare beat down Lovelace in their half of the ring. It took her multiple attempts to escape, but she did by slipping out of Frightmare’s powerbomb attempt. She tried a Yoshi Tonic, but a fumble resulted in her landing in a sunset flip position, then tagging out to both members of N_R_G. Jaxon gives Kodama a clothesline through the ropes while Rockwell powerslams Obariyon. Jaxon comes in with a top rope dropkick to each member of the Batiri. They assist Lovelace with a kick and Frankensteiner on Frightmare, sending him to the floor. Jaxon suicide dives after him. Lovelace dove off the top turnbuckle onto the Batiri. Rockwell Finlay rolls Kodama into a super elbow drop from Jaxon. Obariyon breaks up the cover and tosses Jaxon to the floor. He drop toe holds Rockwell onto the middle rope and knee strikes him in the back of the head. Lovelace uses the ropes to spike Obariyon with a tornado DDT. Frightmare gives her Go 2 Sleepy Hollow. Jaxon superkicks Frightmare to stop the cover. Kodama comes in and gives Jaxon a waterwheel slam for two. Lovelace unloads with forearms and chops to both Batiri members and Frightmare. She eats the Skull Bronzing with the Batiri with an added kick to the back of the head by Frightmare. Rockwell waistlock rolls Kodama off of Lovelace to stop any pin attempt. The Batiri and Frightmare jump all over Rockwell, sending him and Jaxon to the floor. Lovelace tries a headscissors on Kodama but Kodama picks her up onto his shoulders. He and Obariyon nail her with the Seventh Circle. Frightmare follows up with Kneecolepsy for the pin at 11:20.

This was more or less a showcase for the Batiri and Frightmare to show how cohesive they are together, but lost in the shuffle was how good Jaxon has become. It would have been nice for he and Rockwell had more of a chance to showcase their tandem offense, but that wasn’t this match’s purpose. We’ve seen Lovelace in the underdog role before and she does very well in taking a beating. The brutal offense she took in last 30 seconds or so showed exactly that. ***

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