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April 30, 2016 / Case Lowe

DJ Z & Bandolero vs. Gringo Loco & Skayde Jr. from AIW 2016

This is from AIW’s Girls Night Out 17, which you can purchase here.

At one point in my life, I was a proud supporter of the #BoycottLucha brigade, but I’ve had a change of heart in 2016. Turns out, grimy lucha shows, whether they be from DTU, Cara Lucha, a random indie filmed in a dirt parking lot, or AIW – I enjoy the FLIPZ. AIW introduced me to Laredo Kid and their booking of DJ Z gave me hope that not all Lucha is terrible, and sure enough, it isn’t.

This isn’t the best example of what they AIW luchadores are capable of, but these four worked extremely hard to put on a quality match. Skayde Jr is a smarmy heel. He beat down DJ Z and Bandolero with his belt for what seemed like an eternity and he grinned towards the camera each and every time he did so.

The star of this match is DJ Z, who is simply more polished than everyone else. He’s great. I’ve been singing his praises since I fell back down the wrestling wormhole in 2012 and saw him tear it up with Kenny King of all people on Impact. He’s getting a chance to do great things in AIW against the likes of Laredo Kid and Flamita and this was another example of him being a great pro wrestler.

These guys tried to have an epic encounter. I don’t think they did that. A combination of having a little too much time and being a little too sloppy prevented this from being great, but I was wildly entertained by this match. Thumbs up.

Rating: Hoot


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