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April 20, 2016 / barrylad

Pentagon Jr. vs Fenix from Royal Road 2016

Match Review by Barry Murphy:

I would imagine these two have clashed countless times in Mexico, but even just looking at UK and US indies since the advent of Lucha Underground, they (along with Drago) have squared off quite a bit in the last two years. Naturally, they gel together very well and could probably have a great match in their sleep at this stage.

This was a completely different vibe from Lucha Underground or anywhere else you might have seen Pentagon and Fenix lately. Not just because of inherent differences between Japanese crowds and Western crowds, but I didn’t get the impression the crowd here at Akebono’s debuting promotion were particularly familiar with either guy. It’s a far cry from The Temple, or even somewhere like AAW where Pentagon’s arrival was hotly anticipated by the raucous crowd.

That aside, these two had a crisp, exciting match which, at just under 20 minutes, was wonderfully paced. They started simple with what Bryan Alvarez might dub some ‘wacky lucha submisssions;’ some contorting neck cranks and cloverleaf variants, before Fenix took the advantage with a gorgeous tornillo dive to the floor. The crowd were quiet-but-respectful early on, and came alive with a lot of Fenix’ explosive babyface offence. Among the highlights was an awesome springboard, top rope frankensteiner from Fenix, which got a big reaction from the otherwise solemn crowd. Pentagon, not to be shown up by his rival, hit a devastating version of the Panama Sunrise, leaping from the apron to the floor, and catching Fenix with a Canadian Destroyer on the thin blue mats.

There was an awful lot of MOVES in this match, but they took their time and made everything count. It wasn’t a flurry of move, move, move, ‘fighting spirit, move, move, move — not to denigrate that style — but this match might be more broadly appealing than your more divisive ‘spotfests.’  The finish saw Pentagon hit his twisting Canadian Destroyer-like piledriver out of the corner, before following up with the Package Piledriver for the clean win. ***3/4


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