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April 10, 2016 / Kevin Ford

Eddie Edwards vs. Jonathan Gresham from Beyond Wrestling/Women’s Wrestling Revolution

Post by Kevin Ford:

This was a Beyond Wrestling showcase on the first ever Women’s Wrestling Revolution show “Project XX” and a first time ever singles contest.

After switching waistlocks on the mat, they trade wristlocks and hammerlocks until getting to a stalemate. Gresham ducks a chop in the corner. He backs Edwards to the corner in a double wrist clutch. Each man monkey flips one another while keeping the double knuckle lock. Gresham grabs a neck-tie headscissors, but Edwards cartwheels his way out. Each goes for a later press and stands off after both men kick out. Gresham tries escaping a wristlock with a knuckle drag but Edwards is able to hold on. They take each other down in a side headlock twice. They both escaped with headscissors, but Edwards avoids the headscissors from Gresham on the second takedown. He grabs a front facelock, which Gresham escapes by getting his foot on the ropes. Edwards finally delivers a chop. He delivers 10 quick, light chops in the corner to appease the fans chanting “10 more times.” Gresham tries to sneak in a hold but Edwards brings him back down in a side headlock. When Gresham, the two men go back and forth off the ropes with leapfrogs and drop down. Edwards goes back to the side headlock, but Gresham drives his knee into the mat. He goes to pick the leg but Edwards kicks him away. Gresham avoids a backslide and a schoolboy. They counter each others pinfalls until Gresham pins Edwards with a Magistral cradle in 11:28.

This was a severe disappointment. You can only watch so much counter wrestling with stand-offs/stalemates/etc. before it’s gets dull and you’re ready for them to move into the next phase. That next phase never came. This felt like an extended feeling out process with a pinfall. Bummer. *½

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