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April 2, 2016 / Kevin Ford

ThunderFrog vs. Arctic Rescue Ant from CHIKARA Disk 2016

Post by Kevin Ford:

Thunderfrog has been champion since 2.6.2016 and this is his second defense. They each throw kicks to one another’s left leg. Arctic uses a handshake to bait Thunderfrog into a Magistral cradle for two. Thunderfrog and Arctic slug away with rapid fire kicks to the legs. Thunderfrog wins the exchange, booting Arctic to the corner. They both throw shots at each other’s mid-section. Thunderfrog baits him into a roll-up. Arctic punches his way out of a powerbomb position. He comes off the middle rope with a crossbody. Thunderfrog catches him with the Estonian Stampede, but Arctic counters with a tornado DDT before the slam for two. Arctic is placed on the apron. He gets in some forearms, but a hard forearm from Thunderfrog knocks him to the floor. Thunderfrog looks to follow with a double axe handle, but Arctic dropkicks him in mid-air! Arctic uses the ropes to pull off a headscissors. He charges at the Thunderfrog. Thunderfrog catches him and gives him the Estonian Stampede on the floor! Back in the ring he gives Arctic a Gourd Buster. He goes for the Froggysplash. He notices Arctic moving, so he rolls down off the top and forearms Arctic in the corner. Arctic drives his knees into Thunderfrog’s back and gives him a facebuster for two. He goes for another facebuster. Thunderfrog flips out of it and gives Arctic a Blue Thunder Bomb for the win at 7:16.

This felt brief, but they kept a good pace and had some really nice looking power moves, so I ultimately didn’t mind that this felt like a truncated affair. **¾

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