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February 27, 2016 / Kevin Ford

Eddie Kingston vs. Jakob Hammermeier from CHIKARA Dead Man’s Chest

Post by Kevin Ford:

Jakob Hammermeier comes out for the match accompanied by Jaka and Pinkie Sanchez. Before Kingston can get in the ring, Sanchez suicide dives onto him. Kingston fights off Sanchez with chops. Jaka sneaks in from behind. Sanchez stomps Kingston into a DDT from Jaka onto the floor. Jaka and Sanchez send him back into the ring. Referee Larry Peace checks to make sure Kingston is good to go before ringing the bell.

Hammermeier cracks Kingston with the Worldstar Punch and pins him in 0:09. Hammermeier and the rest of the BDK celebrate like this is a huge win. Hammermeier proclaims himself the new King on his way out.

As proclaimed by Mike Quackenbush at the beginning of the video, this was posted to portray how the issue between Jakob Hammermeier and Eddie Kingston started before CHIKARA’s first Network special in August. For that, it served its purpose well, but after that special airs this will fall under the category of “unnecessary viewing.”

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