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February 6, 2016 / Kevin Ford

Princess Kimberlee vs. Mickie James from CHIKARA National Pro Wrestling Day 2016

Post by Kevin Ford:

An aggressive lock-up ends in a stalemate. Kimberlee grabs a wristlock, holding on when James tries rolling out. James cartwheels before taking Kimberlee down in a wristdrag. She takes over Kimberlee in a firewoman’s carry for two, and holds onto the wrist. Kimberlee transitions into a side headlock. James shoves Kimberlee to the corner and breaks cleanly. A double knuckle lock battle leads to Kimberlee delivering a delayed vertical suplex to James. Kimberlee backs James to the corner to escape a waistlock. James shows respect with a fist bump before rushing her with a forearm to the back of the head! She kicks Kimberlee in the stomach and chokes her on the bottom rope. James throws some knees in the corner. Kimberlee evades a charging knee and puts on an Anaconda Vise in the ropes. Kimberlee goes to the second rope, but James yanks her down and Kimberlee crashes on the mat. James pushes her feet into Kimberlee’s back while outstretching her arms. Kimberlee gets to her feet, so James kicks her away. James sends Kimberlee face first into three of the corners. On the fourth, Kimberlee puts on the breaks and rams James’ face repeatedly into the top turnbuckle. James elbows out of a German suplex attempt. Kimberlee enzuigiri’s James for two. After trading some nearfalls, James kicks Kimberlee in the chin. James takes off her belt. Bryce goes to disposes of it. James shoves Kimberlee into Bryce. Bryce falls out of the ring and James spikes Kimberlee with an Implant DDT. There’s no referee to make the count. Kimberlee regains some composure. James tries for a Frankensteiner. Kimberlee powerbombs her into the Alligator Clutch for the pin at 11:37.

Mickie James did a great job turning the crowd on her and keeping them engaged from the turn until the end. I also like the subtle tease of the powerbomb into the Clutch early on. By and large this stayed in first gear, but this win is a nice feather in the cap for Kimberlee, and this issue could re-surface at King of Trios so it’s worth checking out now just in case it does! **¾

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