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February 6, 2016 / Kevin Ford

Dasher Hatfield vs. Missile Assault Man from National Pro Wrestling Day 2016

Post by Kevin Ford:

Missile kicks out Hatfield’s legs and grabs a waistlock. Hatfield switches out, but Missile grabs the bottom rope before Hatfield can manipulate his legs. Although Missile shoulder blocks him down, Hatfield snaps off a pair of armdrags and gives Missile his own shoulder block. Missile comes back with a running uppercut. Hatfield dropkicks him to the floor and follows up with a baseball slide dropkick. Missile evades a suicide dive. He goes for one of his own but Hatfield cuts him off with a forearm strike and hits a baseball slide dropkick from the floor. Missile tries whipping Hatfield into the audience. Hatfield takes a knee to stop him and gives Missile a wind-up chop. Missile sends Hatfield shoulder first into the ring post. He wraps Hatfield’s arms in the post and stretches it out. In the ring, he gives Hatfield the Missile Stomp. Hatfield stops him with a schoolboy. Missile kicks out and drives his knees into Hatfield’s bad arm. He gives Hatfield a shoulder breaker over his knee for two. Missile grabs a cross armbreaker but Hatfield quickly gets the ropes. Missile strings together three Northern Lights suplexes, but Hatfield is able to get his shoulders up. He calls for the Missile Launcher. Hatfield sends him into the corner. He drives his good elbow into Missile’s arm and sends him shoulder first into the second turnbuckle, then slides into a dropkick to Missile’s shoulder. He hits the cyclone neckbreaker for two. Hatfield rolls Missile into a shoulder capture chickenwing. Missile escapes by backing Hatfield to the corner. After an pair of uppercuts, he pulls off the Missile Launcher successfully. Hatfield is able to kick out. Missile angrily uppercuts Hatfield in the corner. Hatfield drives Missile into the opposite corner across the ring. He pulls him from the Jackhammer position into a slam into the turnbuckles. The referee counts three at 9:47, but Missile’s foot was on the ropes. The rookie referee Travis doesn’t notice, but Hatfield points it out and insists the match be restarted. Travis agrees. Both men throws punches to one another’s abdomen. Hatfield grabs a Magistral cradle. Missile escapes. They exchange waistlocks. Hatfield grabs an O’Connor Roll, but Missile rolls through and grabs the tights for the win in 1:06 (11:24 total).

The restart stuff was a little dodgy, but I did like the idea behind it. I also really liked the match itself and the story of Missile going after Hatfield’s arm, and Hatfield going after Missile’s arm in anger. This is a really solid match out of two guys I’ve thoroughly enjoyed watching in CHIKARA this year. ***

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