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January 30, 2016 / Kevin Ford

Kobald vs. Pinkie Sanchez from CHIKARA 5 Senses

Post by Kevin Ford:

Kobald is replacing the injured Icarus. Sanchez wants a test of strength. Both men do some flexing. Sanchez enzuigiri’s Kobald instead of locking knuckles and twists his neck. He shoulder blocks Kobald. Kobald blocks Sanchez’s hip toss attempt. Sanchez runs into the corner, sending Kobald into it. Kobald evades an attack and dropkicks Sanchez to the floor. Kobald chases him around ringside. He catches Sanchez on the entrance ramp with a slap to the face. Kobald misses a double axe handle, landing face first on the ring apron. He throws Kobald face first into a fan’s boot. Kobald drops Sanchez face first on the apron off of his shoulders. He tries sending Sanchez into a fans boot, but Sanchez blocks it and throws Kobald into the boot instead. In the ring, Sanchez stings a vertical suplex and elbow drop together. Both men chop one another in the corner. Sanchez cuts off Kobald with a running back elbow for two. He also gets two with a knee drop. Kobald lands a tornado DDT for two. He positions Sanchez on the top rope. Sanchez drops Kobald down in a Gourd buster and follows with a frog splash for two. Kobald comes back with a spear in the corner. A running seated senton gets him two. He also gets two with a Regalplex. Sanchez powers Kobald up into a Death Valley Driver for two. Kobald gets his feet up to avoid a corner attack, but Sanchez catches his feet and places him on the top turnbuckle. Sanchez uppercuts Kobald. Kobald counters Sanchez’s superplex with a sunset bomb for two. Kobald lands a sit-out Michinoku Driver for two. Sanchez cracks Kobald with a knee strike as Kobald charges towards him in the corner. Sanchez comes off the top with a standing double stomp, but Kobald kicks out. Sanchez tries a super Frankensteiner. Kobald hangs on the top rope, sending Sanchez crumbling into the mat. Kobald then hits the Demon’s Toilet for the win at 10:56.

This was a really fun opening match with lots of action that escalated and got the fans into the nearfalls. It was exactly what you would want from a match in this position with these competitors. Pinkie Sanchez may be the most underrated guy on the Indies. ***

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