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January 30, 2016 / Kevin Ford

Hermit Crab & Rock Lobster vs. Ben Macklemore & Lewis Ryan from CHIKARA The Days of the Phoenix

Post by Kevin Ford:

This is Lobster’s debut. The crustaceans poke Macklemore and Ryan in the eyes before the bell rings. They collide into them with some forearms off the ropes. Lobster suplexes Ryan. Crab gives him a trapezius nerve pinch. After whipping Ryan into the corner, he crab walks across the ring and dropkicks Ryan in the stomach. Lobster drills Ryan into the mat with a falling chokeslam for two. He flapjacks Ryan and knocks Macklemore off the apron. Crab puts on the Flat Crab. Ryan resists, so Crab tosses him tot he floor. Crab hip tosses Macklemore in from the apron and digs his pincers into his neck. Lobster gives Macklemore a release vertical suplex. He gives Macklemore an F5. Crab follows with the Crab walk elbow for the pin at 3:47.

Lobster looked really impressive with his impactful offense. He even looks more smooth than his partner who has a few months advantage on him. Aside from the awkward opening spot, this was a good extended squash. *

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