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January 23, 2016 / Fray

Amber Gallows vs. Veda Scott from ROH on January 23, 2016 

Post by The Fray Movement:

So, I was at this show. Before intermission, there was a six man tag which had the crowd fired up. It had me fired up. I was fired up. Then we had intermission. I went and exchanged scoops and bantered. I returned to my seat.

And then this happened.

This is the opposite of whatever fired up is. This is the anti-fire, the un-fire. A volunteer fireman when called to the scene of these events would simply take his helmet off, bow his head in shame, and whisper, “No”. In the late 2000s when CM Punk sauntered to the ring to the tune of This Fire Burns, this match is not what that song was taking about.

While in the building, my first reactions to this match on Twitter were, “I’m looking good in this sweatervest. I might need to start swiping right,” and, “This isn’t that bad. The crowd is just dead.”

Well that later devolved to, “I will be nice about this match. I will be nice about this match. I promise.”

I think this was worse on tape than it was live, and I’m not sure how that’s possible given I think they edited chunks out of this thing in an attempt to make it passable on tape. Also, for some reason, Taelerer Hendrexix is sitting ringside, sucking on her fingers in a very succulent manner while the announce team is going on and on about how great this is.

On that night, in that building, my spirits were broken. I mumbled to no one in particular that this was probably first day of wresting school bad. But then I remembered I went to wrestling school in 2002, and I think I was more fluid with-in the confines of the squared circle on Day 1 than whatever was happening here.

Do not watch this. Pretend it doesn’t exist. And hope that someday, someone will get the hint that the rise of the NXT women was something organic and not something you can recreate in front of a dead crowd who doesn’t care.

Burn this thing. Burn it with fire.




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