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January 22, 2016 / Fray

AR Fox vs. Big “BEAR” Boone from WWA4 on 1/22/16

Post by The Fray Movement:

This was beautiful. No exaggeration. This was everything I love about professional wrestling.

Big “Bear” Boone reminds me of my people. Scratch that. He is my people. We come from a place where your closest neighbor is your uncle who stands out on his front porch and stares you down every time a car he doesn’t know pulls into the driveway. Big “Bear” Boone may be my dad, a plump man named “Fred” who likes to ride around on his 1987 GoldWing motorcycle in search of life and its meaning. And also because it’s the only way to listen to the new Backstreet Boys cassette tape. Big “Bear” Boone does not care where you came from or who you are. He’s just pretty certain that he’s better than you.

AR Fox, on the other hand, may be the dumbest, most ridiculous man in professional wrestling today, and I don’t mean that as an insult. He bumps like crazy for brother Boone and at the 6:41 mark of this video performs a swanton bomb from the top rope to the concrete floor.




I have no answers.

God bless WWA4 with their weekly shows and their free uploads and their Mr. Hughes being the best commentator in the business not named Jerry Lawler. I love everything about you. Never change. Never ever change.

I’m not giving this match a rating of any sort. Just know it’s essentially brother Boone working a 2016 Jerry Lawler match while AR Fox inexplicable flips and flips and flips and flips and flips.

My god.” – Mr. Hughes



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