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January 15, 2016 / Fray

Solo Darling vs. Kelly Klein from ROH on January 15, 2016

Post by The Fray Movement:

Another edition of the Women of Honor graced our presence this week, and as I am one to give into peer pressure, I agreed to watch and review this match. Now, I understand my burials can be way too harsh at times so I wanted to approach things from a different standpoint. I want to say nothing but positive things. So here is my positive review of said match:

Solo Darling appears to have grown an actual squirrel-like tail. It’s a legit body part and as such Kelly spent portions of the match working over the tail. I’d like to commend Kelly for her technical grappling abilities here, and also Solo for having the presence of mind to sell the tail properly throughout the duration of the match.

Later we find that Solo’s babyface comeback is built entirely around a glass of performance enhancing juice which she placed in the corner at the start of the match. It was red. I have no idea what the ingredients are, but I bet they all come together to make up one thing: FUN.

I was delighted to learn that Kelly Klein’s  finisher is called “The End of the Match.” This is a creative play on words as it means the match is over once she performs said move on her opponent. What a hoot!

One final note here: BJ Whitmer continues to excel in his role as color commentator for these Women of Honor matches. He provides color and commentator for these matches with words that are formed into sentences.

Should you watch this match?


Because what other way will you, too, get to “The End of The Match”?



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