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January 10, 2016 / Fray

Michael Elgin vs. Cedric Alexander from PWX Taken By Force 3 – 1/10/2016

Post by The Fray Movement:

“That may have been the most amazing forty five seconds of action I’ve ever seen in my life.” – Nameless PWXCommentator

This match lasted seventeen minutes by the way.

A lot of praise on social media for this match, particularly by the participants involved. Michael Elgin went out of his way in a number of places to strongly put over Cedric Alexander for his performance here.

Elgin and Alexander have a lot in common in that they’re two guys who I think are both extremely underutilized given their abilities in the ring. New Japan seems to have figured out what works best with Elgin. I think ROH may be on to something with Cedric’s “heel” character but it remains to be seen what the payoff is there.

On to this match — it was “weird”.

Yeah, “weird”.

The first three minutes were both guys going back and forth. Then you had fourteen minutes of Cedric bumping like a mad man to near silence. I mean, seriously, this guy was doing backflips and landing on his head and you had three guys in the crowd doing dueling crowd chants. Finally, you have an absolutely bat shit crazy final forty five seconds where a ton of moves are hit before one guy finally gets put down. The crowd finally wakes up for the finish.

I wanted to like this more than I did, but both guys have had far better performances elsewhere in the last two months. Honestly, I’d like to see this rematched in Ring of Honor (crazy, I know). I think the style of match would get a stronger reaction from that particular crowd.

In the end, I’d recommend giving it a watch, if only because it’s two guys posed to have a very big year. Cover your bases, if you will.



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