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January 8, 2016 / Fray

Zeus & Shuji Ishikawa vs. Kazusada Higuchi & Suguru Miyatake from DDT DNA 13 on 1/8/2016

Post by The Fray Movement:

Think of DNA as basically being the NXT of DDT. That’s what you need to know. They have small shows. They post them in full to YouTube. And you get a lot of good to great matches.

I love Zeus.

He’s an All Japan guy. He should be champion of the world. But he’s not. At least not as of this writing. But he’s great here as he’s basically screwing around for 15 minutes, no selling chops and howling with laughter through the duration of the festivities.

At one point in the match, he does a pose off with Miyatake who is the skinny little geek in the silver trunks. Zeus wins. Banters the young lad into submission with his traps and delts.

It left me a little fired up if we’re going to be perfectly honest.

There’s other stuff going on here, like Higuchi being the STRONG LAD of DDT. Firing up and going all strong style while Miyatake tries things that just aren’t working.

In the end, Zeus proves his greatness by doing a Randy Orton style pose before then going into a series of Manabu Nakanishi tribute spots for the finish.

The match left a tear in my eye as I’m left wanting to bow down at what may be the modern equivalent of 2003 Triple H, except less racist and with a bigger sense of humor.

***1/2 for this match.

But really, can you truly quantify a living God by simple star ratings?

All hail.

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