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January 6, 2016 / garrettkidney

Kurt Angle vs. Drew Galloway from TNA 2016

Post by Garrett Kidney:

Kurt Angle is 47 years old. It’s weird to think he’s that old because he has pretty much never seen a dip in the quality of his work as he gotten older. And yet in spite of his age he continues to deliver strong performances into 2016. He’s subtly changed the way he’s wrestled over the last year or so, injuries have caught up with him a little bit and he works a tad bit slower, a tad bit more deliberately. There was a period last year where he tried to wrestle exactly as he used to and looked sluggish as a result. The change has done him good as he comes across much sharper than he did in much of 2015.

Even if Angle has slightly changed how he’s wrestled, this was unabashedly a Kurt Angle match. If you picture what a Kurt Angle match looks like this was exactly that. There were suplexes and Angle Slam kick outs and Ankle Locks. The degree to which you’ll enjoy depends on the degree to which you enjoy Angle’s matches in general. The big spot was a belly to belly by Kurt into the guardrail. This took a little while to get going and they struggled to get the crowd entirely on their side for the whole match but the work was good and I for one still like Angle’s matches. Angle won with an Angle Slam off the top rope. ***3/4


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