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December 26, 2015 / Fray

Anthony Henry vs. Jaxson James from Ultimate Extreme Wrestling 2015

Post by Fray:

I love Southern US wrestling. In my neck of the woods, it’s often old timers still living and working like it’s 1985, and it’s fun times. But lately there’s been a renaissance of sorts in the southeastern United States.

The wrestling got good.

So good, in fact, that I’d put some of these matches up there with any highly praised match from any of your super independent promotions.

This match between Anthony Henry and Jaxson James is so good that it sort of saddens me it didn’t take place for an EVOLVE or a Ring of Honor. This is the type of match that I watched half of on mute at work and was still having to cover my mouth from marking out at various points.

Anthony Henry got a lot of praise coming off his work with Jimmy Rave back in the 2015 SCI. Jaxson James is a guy who works from the Carolinas down to Florida and over to the Gulf Coast. What these two did here was something else and deserves being watched by bunches and bunches of people.

So, the match starts with both guys doing your typical collar and elbow tie ups and trying to gain the advantage over the other. You get your wrist locks and your reversals and both look very smooth with their work here. Henry gains the advantage and the rest of the match is him working James’ left arm in a bunch of different ways. It reminded me a lot of the highly acclaimed (well, mostly highly acclaimed) Thatcher/Gargano match from EVOLVE 51 where Thatcher spends the match working Gargano’s arm, trying to prevent Gargano from doing his finish. Except here, the match is worked at a much faster pace, and really, Anthony Henry is being a dick heel who just wants to cause pain. He ain’t got time to worry about your finish. I won’t spoil the ending of this match, but if you’ve paid attention to the arm work throughout, you won’t be disappointed.

Watch this match, brothers and sisters. And help spread the word.


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  1. Reed / Feb 3 2016 10:40 PM

    Well, of course. Fray praises something, and they take it down.

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