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December 19, 2015 / Aaron

Mandy Leon & Sumie Sakai vs. Deonna Purrazzo & Hania the Huntress from Ring of Honor 2015

Post by Aaron Bentley:

This match featured two performers, Mandy Leon and Deonna Purrazzo, who have been wrestling for less than two years and that lack of experience definitely showed even before the bell rang. Other than Sumie Sakai, everyone else involved didn’t even seem totally comfortable simply walking to the ring. That tentativeness continued as the match began with Leon, Purrazzo, and Hania engaging in a slow, deliberate pace to start. But as the match wore on, the combatants clearly gained comfort and confidence.

Mandy Leon was the crowd favorite and the bout was smartly constructed to play into that. There was not a ton of crowd interest but what existed was the result of the simple but effective match layout and relatively good performances. Purrazzo and Hania quickly took control of the match and confined Leon to their half of the ring. They continued to build heat by taking out Sakai just as Leon had created enough space to make the tag. By the time the tag to Sakai came, the fans were as involved as they would be in the entire contest. Sakai then used her experience to stoke that crowd involvement, which led to a fun double moonsault finish.

Overall, this match left me excited about the futures of both Leon and Purrazzo. They each have a long way to go but their respective abilities to get the crowd on their side, a crowd that is perhaps not calibrated to appreciate women’s wrestling, were promising. If you’re willing to accept that the main performers here are two young women who are at the beginning of their careers, this match is worth ten minutes of your time. (**3/4)

Aaron Bentley is on Twitter (@AaronBentleyVoW) and has written extensively for His VoW archive can be found here and his first post for Free Wrestling can be found here.


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