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December 5, 2015 / Kevin Ford

Silver Ant vs. Frightmare from CHIKARA Top Banana

Post by Kevin Ford:

An aggressive forearm exchange starts off the match. Silver Ant cuts off Frightmare with a hard enzuigiri, only to be thrown to the floor. Frightmare looks to dive but Silver Ant catches him mid-dive with an uppercut. Silver Ant then lands his own suicide dive. Silver Ant gets in some shots on the floor, only for Frightmare to send him into the guardrails and follow in with a yakuza kick. In the ring, Frightmare hits a top rope dropkick and gets a two count with a jackknife pin. Frightmare counters a vertical suplex with a small package for another two count. He chokes Silver Ant across the middle rope. He drives his feet into Silver Ant’s sternum. Silver Ant fires up from a slap, leading a slap battle. Frightmare grabs a front facelock and slams Silver Ant into a double legdrop for two. Frightmare cracks him in the head with a step-up enzuigiri. He tries another sternum stomp, but Silver Ant kicks him away and nails a lariat. He whips him into opposite corners and follows in with clotheslines. Frightmare evades a clothesline. However, Silver Ant comes off the second turnbuckle with a diving DDT for two. Frightmare ducks the low kick/high kick combo and spikes Silver Ant with a crucifix driver for two. Frightmare pulls on Silver Ant’s mask strings. The referee creates some distance, allowing Silver Ant to respond with a Blue Thunder Bomb for two. Frightmare ducks the tiger feint kick in the corner. He fights Silver Ant from the second rope as Silver Ant stands on the apron. Silver Ant headbutts Frightmare back to the canvas and comes off the top with a Mad Splash. Frightmare kicks out, so Silver Ant grabs an ankle lock. Frightmare enzuigiri’s his way free. The Here It Is Driver only earns a two count. Frightmare and Silver Ant get in a strike exchange. Frightmare tosses Silver Ant into Go 2 Sleepy Hollow. He misses Kneecolepsy. Silver Ant re-applies the ankle lock with a high angle. Frightmare rolls under and traps Silver Ant into a prawn hold for the pin at 9:44!

With the truncated time and semi-abrupt finish, it felt like we got somewhat of an incomplete match. That said, I did like the match they put together, as it felt like a genuine battle in which both competitors had something to prove. I am surprised to see Frightmare get the win, but I think that means Silver Ant’s history with the Nightmare Warriors may not be over yet. ***

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