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November 14, 2015 / Reed

Matt Cage vs. Trik Davis from St. Louis Anarchy 2015

Review by Reed Benson:

If you are a fan of the word “bitch,” you will really like the beginning of this match. Matt Cage throws it out there several times, telling one section of the crowd he’s going to “beat the bitch” out of Trik Davis, then repeating it to another section like that friend who’s so sure his joke is hilarious, he just needs to say it again and again until someone gets it. I’m not a fan of derogatory language like this, so I was personally not amused.

The match is pretty standard indie fare. Babyface Cage shows up heel Davis early. Davis bends the rules to take control and get heat. A double-down spot transitions to them throwing the big moves. Cage wins with his go-to move, the Money Clip.

Davis is a good heel here, but he’s not a good seller. He takes several moves from Cage and bounces right back from them. Example: Cage does a cool-looking short-arm pull into a stunner, Davis goes wobbly for a second, recovers to catch Cage with his own move, and continues on like nothing happened to him. This is more egregious later after a seated superkick followed by a seated flatliner. Either Davis is made of rubber or Cage doesn’t execute his moves to full effectiveness.

Cage does a little better at selling, taking a flatliner into the turnbuckle, recovering enough to knock Davis out of the air with a punch, and then collapsing for the aforementioned double-down spot. But near the end, he takes two big moves in a row – a reverse rana and a cross-legged Michinoku driver – and kicks out. That took me almost totally out of it. Then Cage hits the Money Clip shortly after.

I normally don’t like the Money Clip. It’s like the Go 2 Sleep with a punch instead of a knee, and it usually looks like he picks his opponent up, drops him back onto his feet, and punches him. The difference between that and his normal punch (which he throws constantly) seems negligible. However, I will give he and Davis credit for making the move (and all their moves) look pretty darn good this time around; the punch seemed to connect mid-air, and Davis went flying.

Quick take: They performed their MOVEZ well, but I didn’t like the psychology.

– Reed Benson

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