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November 8, 2015 / Kevin Ford

Fire Ant vs. Silver Ant from CHIKARA Babylon Springs

Post by Kevin Ford:

This was a match from the year long “Challenge of the Immortals” tournament CHIKARA held in 2015. In fact, it was the final match in the tournament prior to the Finals. Fire Ant represents the Battle Hive while Silver Ant represents the Nightmare Warriors. Frightmare is in Silver Ant’s corner. Silver Ant grabs a cravate. Fire Ant turns it into an Octopus stretch. Silver Ant walks him to the ropes to break the hold. Fire Ant goes for the leg while Silver Ant goes for an armbar. Fire Ant is forced to get the ropes. The pace picks up in a Lucha exchange, where Silver Ant gets two with a seatbelt pin. After some chops, Silver Ant kicks Fire Ant in the side of his head. Silver Ant keeps him grounded with Frightmare picking at his mask from the floor. Silver Ant goes for three Amigos, but on the third suplex Fire Ant reverses it. Fire Ant strikes Silver Ant in a couple of corners before knocking him down with a running forearm strike and hitting a somersault senton for two. Silver Ant catches Fire Ant with a tiger feint kick in the corner. Fire Ant slides to the floor only for Silver Ant to suicide dive after him. Frightmare gets in some shots on the floor before Silver Ant brings him back in the ring. Fire Ant gets in a few strikes to the chest but Silver Ant lariats him to keep control. Silver Ant puts on a strangle hold using Fire Ant’s own left arm. Fire Ant fights free. Silver Ant tries a suplex which Fire Ant reverses into a stunner. Silver Ant rolls outside. Fire Ant tope con hilo’s after him. Back in the ring, Silver Ant kicks out Fire Ant’s left leg. Fire Ant seems hurt. As Bryce checks on him, Frightmare incoherently barks commands at Silver Ant. Silver Ant stomps on Fire Ant’s leg as he tries to recover. He twists up Fire Ant’s left leg in various submissions. Fire Ant gets the ropes to stop the assault. Nevertheless, Silver Ant doesn’t let up on wearing down the leg upon release. Silver Ant looks for a superplex. Fire Ant palm strikes his way free and comes off the top with a high crossbody. He hobbles on one leg so he can hit the Yahtzee Kick. He crumples to the mat allowing Silver Ant to stomp on his shoulder blades. In the corner, Fire Ant goes up and over an attack from Silver Ant and takes him over with a Yoshi Tonic. Silver Ant gives him multiple palm strikes to the side of the head. Fire Ant tries to roll up into a wheelbarrow. Silver Ant turns it into a Blue Thunder Bomb. Fire Ant cracks Silver Ant in the side of the head with a kick for two. Frightmare tosses a chair into the ring. As Bryce goes to remove it, Frightmare unlaces Fire Ant’s mask! Silver Ant kicks him in the head and gives him a release German suplex. He turns Fire Ant inside out with a lariat before applying an ankle lock. Frightmare from the apron instructs Silver Ant to remove Fire Ant’s mask. Silver Ant releases the hold and contemplates doing so, but Silver Ant instead rocks Frightmare with a forearm strike! The two men fight on the floor and to the back, leading to Silver Ant receiving a count out loss at 17:26.

In front of a better crowd, this would have felt like a huge deal. These two told a great story, showing that Silver Ant has fallen deep enough into the grasp of the Nightmare Warriors to fight his former partner, but still had the wherewithal to not go as far as to unmask him, showing that the real Silver Ant was still alive deep down. I also thought the wrestling was really good. Unfortunately, this suffered from another crowd who couldn’t be bothered to really get behind it. That said, their silence was not enough to dull my enjoyment. ***¼

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