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October 25, 2015 / Kevin Ford

Dasher Hatfield vs. Ophidian from CHIKARA Exit Strategy

Post by Kevin Ford:

They exchange wristlocks to start. Ophidian key locks the legs and stretches them back. Hatfield takes Ophidian over with a double wrist clutch and a pair of armdrags. Ophidian ducks a clothesline and Skins the Snake for a headscissors. Hatfield grabs a half waistlock, transitioning to a floating snapmare. Ophidian headstands into a satellite headscissors on Hatfield. He applies a bodyscissors. Hatfield turns Ophidian over into a pendulum stretch. Ophidian rolls forward to reverse but Hatfield grabs the bottom rope. Hatfield grabs an abdominal stretch, turning Ophidian over into a backslide for two. Ophidian takes out Hatfield’s legs. He misses a slingshot lionsault. This leads to a series of different pin attempts on the mat. Hatfield puts on a flat crab. Ophidian rolls out and front bridges into a backslide. Hatfield counters with a sunset flip. Ophidian gets on the Death Grip. Hatfield backs him to the corner to break the hold. He runs the ropes, sending Ophidian into the corner with a double clutch wristdrag. Hatfield charges in. Ophidian flips over the baseball slide. Ophidian uses his feet to elevate Ophidian to the top rope. He brings down Ophidian for a Cyclone neckbreaker, but Ophidian turns it back into the Death Grip. Again Hatfield backs Ophidian to the corner. He brings Ophidian off the top with a superplex, then rolls him up into the Jackhammer for the pin at 9:27.

This was an excellent, sporting competition with lots of fun, engaging counter wrestling. The crowd dug it and both competitors looked strong. Pretty much the most you could hope for from an undercard match. ***

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