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October 22, 2015 / Kevin Ford

Arik Cannon vs. Oleg the Usurper from CHIKARA Making A Stand

Post by Kevin Ford:

Oleg muscles Cannon to the mat. Cannon tries a waistlock. Oleg uses his posterior to break Cannon’s grip. Oleg shoulder blocks Cannon as Cannon comes off the ropes. Cannon kips up and delivers a haymaker. Angry, Oleg muscles him to the corner. Cannon ducks a strike and delivers a knife edge chop. He punches and superkicks Oleg. Oleg responds with a Usurper kick for two. Cannon rolls to the apron. Oleg boots him to the floor and follows with a rolling senton off the ring apron. He steps on Cannon’s chest back in the ring and works over his mid-section in the corner. Oleg picks up speed off the ropes before splashing Cannon against the turnbuckles for two. He violently whips Cannon into the corner. A chop exchange ends with a sole butt kick and bulldog from Cannon. A dropkick takes Oleg to the corner. Cannon takes him down with a twisting neckbreaker for two. Cannon nails another haymaker. Oleg splashes Cannon against the ropes. He gives Cannon a facebuster across his thigh and a big boot to the face. Out of the corner he delivers a rolling senton for two. Oleg calls for Off With His Head. Cannon instead pulls down Oleg into a mouse trap pin for the win at 7:57.

The thing I liked most about this is how it felt like each man had some stakes going into this, with Cannon being the hometown hero and each man looking for his first point. I also think it was important for Oleg to look dominant, even in a loss, which he did. At it’s core it was nothing more than an exhibition bout, but I’m plenty okay with that. **½

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