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October 18, 2015 / Kevin Ford

Rude Boy Riley, Sonny Kiss & Alex Mason vs. Mike Orlando, JGeorge & Ace Romero from EVOLVE 50

Post by Kevin Ford:

The winners of this match represent Tier 1 Wrestling in FIP’s six man showcase tournament at “Fallout 2015.” JGeorge claims Riley pulled his hair before they even locked up. JGeorge shoots Riley out to escape a headlock, but Riley comes back an alita armdrag. Mason and Romero tag in. Mason gives him a sole kick and Frankensteiner. Mason back elbows Romero and snapmares him into a back kick. The flamboyant Kiss and Orlando both tag in. Kiss blows a couple kisses. He ducks a clotheslines and heastands into a headscissors. Romero catches Kiss’ crossbody. Kiss slips off his shoulders and smacks him in the bottom. Riley and JGeorge tag back in. Riley cracks him in the face with two boots. Riley gets on the second rope. JGeorge pulls out his leg, causing Riley’s head to hit the back of the turnbuckle. JGeorge wears down Riley’s back with a bow and arrow and back cracker. Riley is also worn down by Romero and Orlando in their corner. Riley catches Orlando with a flying knee strike off the second turnbuckle. He sends JGeorge and Romero to the floor. This proves to be a mistake, as they pull Kiss and Mason off the apron. Riley however ducks Orlando’s enzuigiri and gives him a Lightning Spiral. JGeorge and Kiss tag in. Sonny gives JGeorge two one legged backflip dropkicks. He cartwheels into a back handspring elbow. He wraps his legs around JGeorge’s head and repeatedly rams his face into his buttocks. Orlando shotgun dropkicks Kiss. Mason boots down Orlando. Romero catches Mason’s crossbody and airplane spins him into a lariat. Romero misses a top rope moonsault. Riley pops up JGeorge into a knee strike. Mason spears JGeorge. Kiss lands a split-legged moonsault for the pin at 7:57.

It’s weird that this match even happened, as Tier 1 announced their team weeks before this bout and that same team won this match. I guess it’s a good idea for them to get some exposure before the FIP tournament, but this was nothing more than average. **

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