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October 10, 2015 / Kevin Ford

Orange Cassidy vs. Jervis Cottonbelly from CHIKARA The Ocean Walker

Post by Kevin Ford:

This is an “encore” match, which is to say an unadvertised match that occurred after the official main event. Drew Gulak attacks Cottonbelly before the bell, slamming him against the ropes as Cassidy has referee Bryce Remsburg distracted! Cassidy then goes for a pin but Cottonbelly is able to kick out. Cassidy then distracts Bryce so thatthe Swamp Monster can jump in with a bat, hit Cottonbelly in the stomach, then give him the Rock Bottom! Cassidy pins him, but again Cottonbelly is able to kick out at two. Chuck Taylor then runs in and superkicks Cottonbelly. Cassidy once again only gets a two count. Gulak misses a corner splash. Monster splashes Gulak by accident. Taylor splashes them both. Cassidy splashes Monster and Gulak by mistake. Cottonbelly then rock-a-byes Cassidy until he’s asleep. He then lays him down for a three count at 2:17.

This was amazing. A+ pro wrestling.

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