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October 10, 2015 / Kevin Ford

“Mr. Touchdown” Mark Angelosetti vs. Drew Gulak from CHIKARA The Ocean Walker

Post by Kevin Ford:

This was a match from the year long “Challenge of the Immortals” tournament CHIKARA held in 2015. Angelosetti represents Dasher’s Dugout while Gulak represents the Gentleman’s Club. Gulak takes off Angelosetti’s headband during the opening lock-up. Angelosetti takes down Gulak in a waistlock and takes back his headband. Gulak snapmares Angelosetti out of a cravate for a one count. Angelosetti negotiates out of a wristlock and takes Gulak to the mat by his ankle. Gulak kicks him away. Angelosetti takes him back down with a running shoulder block. Gulak catches him coming off the ropes with a hip toss. Gulak holds onto a side headlock, resisting a pin attempt from Angelosetti. He tries holding Angelosetti’s arm to the mat in a double wrist lock, but Angelosetti gets his shoulders up, even when Gulak puts all his bodyweight on top. Angelosetti kicks Gulak over to reverse control. Gulak also backbridges out of the pin attempt. Gulak monkey flips him over and rolls to his feet. Gulak hops over Angelosetti to block a spinebuster. He grabs the leg looking for the Trailblazer but Angelosetti rolls forward to prevent the hold. Gulak from a double knuckle lock lands a Northern Lights suplex. Angelosetti takes him over in a fireman’s carry and holds onto his ankle. Gulak uses a headscissors to escape and armdrags Angelosetti into an armbar. When Angelosetti escapes, both men come off the ropes with stereo dropkicks, bringing the match back to a stalemate. Gulak walks the top rope Hakushi style while holding Angelosetti in a wristlock. Angelosetti yanks him down into a slam when Gulak comes to a top turnbuckle. Angelosetti wrenches on an overhead wristlock. Gulak takes Angelosetti to the corner. He whips him across the ring and comes in with a clothesline. He then lariats Angelosetti in the neck. Angelosetti tackles Gulak to the corner, then gets him in a small package for two. Both men fight for a waistlock. Gulak picks up Angelosetti, throwing him down into the Cycling Yahoo with a cloverleaf. Angelosetti escapes. He pops up Gulak into a big spinebuster for the pin at 12:08.

This was a great wrestling contest with many different styles incorporated throughout. These two have great chemistry and know exactly how to work with one another, and did a fine job keeping things interesting and engaging from bell to bell. ***

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