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October 9, 2015 / Kevin Ford

Hallowicked, Frightmare & Blind Rage vs. The Batiri & Oleg the Usurper from CHIKARA Colony Collapse

Post by Kevin Ford:

This was a match from the year long “Challenge of the Immortals” tournament CHIKARA held in 2015. Oleg’s team represents the Arcane Horde while Hallowicked’s team represents the Nightmare Warriors. The Warriors grab Oleg from the floor and begin pummeling him. The Batiri save him with stereo suicide dives. Kodama and Frightmare make it into the ring as the others break up their brawl. Kodama comes off the second rope with a back elbow. He comes in from the apron with a quesadora armdrag and dropkick. Obariyon puts Hallowicked in an Octopus hold. Frightmare comes off the second turnbuckle with a dropkick to break it. He chokes Obariyon on the middle rope. Rage and Hallowicked help pummel Obariyon in their corner. Frightmare missing Kneecolepsy allows Kodama to tag in. He dropkicks Hallowicked and Rage off the apron. He gives Frightmare a flurry of kicks, slams his face into the mat, then drops him with a neckbreaker. Hallowicked muscles Kodama up into Go 2 Sleepy Hollow.The Warriors now isolate Kodama in their corner. Kodama kicks out of a tandem Go 2 Sleepy Hollow from Frightmare and Hallowicked and drops Frightmare with a spring back Ace Crusher. Oleg tags in. He nails Rage and Hallowicked with Usurper kicks. He picks up speed off the ropes and splashes Rage in the corner. Hallowicked sees the splash coming and nails Oleg with a yakuza kick. Oleg eats a yakuza kick/step-up enzuigiri combo. Rage takes him over in a Northern Lights suplex for two. Kodama Jon Woo dropkicks Rage. Obariyon high crossbody’s onto Frightmare and Hallowicked. Rage eats a pair of kicks in the corner from the Batiri. Hallowicked sends Kodama shoulder first into the ring post. Obariyon takes the Headless Horsemen but manages to kick out. Oleg double chokeslams Rage and Hallowicked. He blocks Frightmare’s yakuza kick. He swings Frightmare into a Flying DDT from Obariyon. Oleg splashes Frightmare against the ropes. Redrum from the Batiri puts away Frightmare at 12:12.

This was heated, with the action never slowing and a hot crowd to keep the flow. I really like how Oleg and the Batiri work together, and obviously these two trios are fantastic foes. This was a fun main event. ***¼

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