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September 6, 2015 / Kevin Ford

Mark Andrews vs. Shynron from CHIKARA King of Trios 2015

Post by Kevin Ford:

This is the finals of the 2015 Rey de Voladores tournament. Neither competitor can gain an advantage on the mat. A series of pinfall reversals brings us back to square one. Andrews trips Shynron as he comes off the ropes, then catches him with a Manhattan drop. Andrews snaps off a pair of armdrags, then trips Shynron into a standing moonsault for two. Shynron leapfrogs over Andrews, then uses a headscissors to send Andrews into the corner. Shynron twists into an armdrag, sending Andrews to the floor. Shynron goes for the Leaning Tower of Shynron when he sees Andrews jump to the canvas, but Andrews dropkicks him down to the floor. Andrews then lands on him with a tope con hilo. Andrews switches from a Romero Special into a legdrop. Andrews blocks a kick, but Shynron sneaks in an enzuigiri. Andrews takes to the floor where Shynron comes off the top with a cartwheel plancha. In the ring Shynron ascends to the second rope. Andrews stops him with a kick. He takes him down with a Frankensteiner. Shynron rolls through and gives Andrews a standing Spanish Fly for two. Shynron drops Andrews with a back handspring Ace Crusher. He misses a Phoenix Splash off the second rope. Andrews comes in with a Dragonrana for two. Andrews poises for a shooting star press. Shynron rolls across the ring. He catches Andrews with a boot, then hits the Dragon Twist for two. Andrews avoids a dive. Shynron notices, lands on his feet, and hits a tiger feint kick to Andrews as Andrews stands on the apron. Shynron wants to bring Andrews in with a superplex. Instead, Andrews brings Shynron down with a spike reverse Frankensteiner for the pin at 10:05.

This was an excellent high flying exhibition, certainly befitting the tournament’s title. Part of me feels like this didn’t really kick into the next gear, but I also feel like this went the right amount of time, so I can live with it. Shynron holds his Rey de Voladores 2014 plaque as Andrews is given his 2015 version, and a rematch between the two would take place just a month later (spoiler: it was even better.) ***

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