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September 5, 2015 / Kevin Ford

Matt Cross vs. Shynron vs. Amasis vs. 2 Cold Scorpio from CHIKARA King of Trios 2015, Night 2

Post by Kevin Ford:

Scorpio ends a wristlock exchange with Cross by using the ropes to flip backwards and forearm him in the face. Cross ducks a spin kick, boots Scorpio in the stomach and sends him to the floor. Scorpio comes back in as Cross comes out with a pescado. After Scorpio fakes him out with a dive, Shynron and Amasis tag in. They also engage in a wristlock exchange which evolves into Shynron wristdragging Amasis. The Leaning Tower of Shynron takes Amasis off of his feet. Amasis avoids a senton and comes in from the apron with an armdrag. Shynron flips to the floor to evade an attack, then comes back in with a springboard dropkick. Amasis avoids another leg sweep and back kicks Shynron. Shynron skins the mat up into a Frankensteiner. Amasis lands on his feet. Shynron lands on his feet out of an armdrag, resulting in a stalemate. Scorpio turns a modified abdominal stretch on Shynron into a seatblet pin for two. Shynron is taken down by Total Elimination by Scorpio and Amasis, followed by a double standing moonsault for two. Cross and Shynron give Amasis some shots against the ropes. Amasis takes a double hip toss and double shooting star press for two. Cross cartwheels into an elbow smash to Amasis. Shynron looks to follow but Cross clotheslines him down. Scorpio attacks Cross. Cross is sent to the ropes but comes back with a double elbow strike to Scorpio and Amasis. Shynron dropkicks Cross to the floor. Shynron and Amasis both back handspring, then hit stereo dives onto Scorpio and Cross respectively. Amasis headscissors Shynron on the floor. Cross lands a Sasuke Special onto all three opponents. Shynron avoids a shooting star from Cross in the ring, then hits the Dragon Twist to eliminate Cross in 8:27. Amasis cracks Shynron in the face with a knee strike. Scorpio lands a jumping back elbow to Shynron in the corner. Amasis follows in with a splash, then feeds Shynron to Scorpio’s superkick. Amasis lands a 450 splash on Shynron . Scorpio follows in with a flip legdrop off the top onto Amasis. Scorpio pins Amasis at 9:44. Scorpio powerbombs Shynron and heads back to the top rope. A top rope legdrop only earns a two count. Some positioning leads to Shynron hitting an enzuigiri. Scorpio follows Shynron up to the middle rope. He tries to bring him down with a sunset bomb, but Shynron holds onto the ropes. Scorpio crashes onto the mat and Shynron follows in with the Spirit Bomb to his back for the pin at 11:31.

There was a lot of innovative, exciting high flying action in this, fitting of the Rey de Voladores title. Shynron winning was a surprise but not at all a bad choice. Amasis and Scorpio really impressed me as well. These matches are supposed to be fun, acrobatic exhibitions and that was exactly what this was. ***½

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