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September 4, 2015 / Kevin Ford

Team AAA (Fénix, Drago & Aero Star) vs. The Gentleman’s Club (Chuck Taylor, Drew Gulak & The Swamp Monster) from CHIKARA King of Trios 2015

Post by Kevin Ford:

This was a first round match in the King of Trios 2015 tournament. Gulak and Fénix take to the mat, reversing leg holds, with Fénix going after the knee and Gulak going after the ankle. They reach a stalemate as they get back to their feet. Star baits Taylor into an enzuigiri and springboard crossbody. He holds onto Taylor and springboards into a Frankensteiner, sending Taylor outside. Drago ducks Gulak’s offense and sweeps out his legs. Taylor boots Drago. Drago trips Gulak and hops off his back for a headscissors on Taylor. Drago baits Gulak to the floor and feigns a dive. In comes the Swamp Monster. Fénix kicks him from the floor in the head. Monster comes back with a satellite headscissors. Taylor stomps on Fénix and gives him a butterfly suplex. Gulak stretches him out in the Crossbow before smashing him on his face. Taylor puts on a Regal Stretch. Fénix escapes and hits an enzuigiri. Star comes in. Taylor resists his running shoulder blocks and knocks down Star with one his own. Monster punches Star in the back after a shimmy. He snapmares Star into a pair of back kicks. Gulak slams him into a running elbow drop. Gulak puts on a bow and arrow. Taylor chokes Star on the middle rope. He accidentally forearms Monster. Star tries an enzuigiri, which Taylor avoids. He misses a top rope moonsault. Fénix comes in with a series of forearm shots. Gulak however knees him from the apron and Taylor superkicks Fénix. Fénix avoids a corner attack then double hops on the ropes into a clothesline. Team AAA hit him with a baseball slide and two enzuigiri’s in the corner. Fénix lays out Gulak with an enzuigiri. Drago springboards in with a splash. Star follows with a senton from the top rope. Fénix strings a double stomp and moonsault together. Taylor breaks the pin. Taylor catches Drago with the Brodie Knee. Fénix kicks him in the head. Taylor responds with Sole Food. Fénix back handsprings into an Ace Crusher. The Colonel Doctor Nolan Angus comes out to distract for the Gentleman’s Club. Monster kicks Fénix and drops him with a Ki Krusher for two. Gulak and Taylor throw Monster out. Fénix ducks a double clothesline. He takes out Gulak with a Frankensteiner. Taylor kicks Fénix. Star kicks Taylor from the apron, then springboards into a twisting splash onto Monster and Gulak on the floor. Fénix stops Taylor’s Lucha back roll with a double stomp. He then does a twisting press onto everybody on the floor. Taylor lands a flip senton afterwards. Orange Cassidy from the apron spits orange juice into Drago’s face. Drago responds with green mist. Gulak rolls up Drago for two. Drago and Gulak trade kick for headbutt to the stomach. Drago alita’s Gulak into a seatbelt pin for the win at 15:12.

This was a wild, action packed contest, with the crowd eating up every bit of it. The Gentleman’s Club are exactly the kind of team to put Team AAA against, as they are familiar with their style and it allows the best to be brought out in everybody, especially Fénix who really got the opportunity to shine. The two moments of interference added some levity and did not take anything away from the action that preceded it. You really could not have asked for a better match to conclude the first night of the tournament. ***¾

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