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August 22, 2015 / Sam DiMascio

Rey Mysterio & Habib From The Car Wash vs. Amazing Red & Matt Macintosh from Pro Wrestling Syndicate 2015

Post by Sam DiMascio:

Booking Rey Mysterio for a major show from your company comes across as a smart idea. Booking Rey Mysterio across from Amazing Red on a major show for your promotion sounds like a really cool idea. I mean, there’s a reason they didn’t do it but still. Booking Rey Mysterio and Amazing Red across from one another in a tag match with a couple of homegrown wrestlers without a ton of name value seems like an odd idea. Despite that fact Pro Wrestling Syndicate booked this match.

Business wise I’m not sure if a match like this brings as many people in as an interesting Rey Mysterio match but they went with it and it turned out pretty alright. You certainly get a special attraction vibe from the bout rather than a “big time” feel which I don’t mind all too much. Habib minus the silly gimmick actually has some skillz. Most of those skillz are him being agile as a cat but that’s alright. Matt Macintosh on the other hand comes across as a complete talent. You get the impression that he felt this was a huge opportunity from him with the two stars in there. Habib and Macintosh are given the task of carrying things while the big guns lay wait on the apron which is not exactly an enviable task when you know that very little people are there to see you. By god, Macintosh makes it work. Credit to Habib as well for taking some bumps that push Macintosh’s offense to the next level. Also, Macintosh takes the nuttiest bump of the match on a monkey flip. Is it a botch? The answer to that is WHO CARES?!

You couldn’t book this match and not deliver on some Red versus Mysterio goodness and while it isn’t plentiful it is a good enough taste for my liking. The exchanges might not feel special without it being Red and Mysterio. Luckily it is Rey Mysterio and Amazing Red so it comes off as neat. It makes sense, trust me. I love how Habib tries busting out a nutty new move in the end to put away Macintosh and the actual ending is truly wonderful.

This won’t confuse this with some sort of Match of the Year but it has a certain charm that indie wrestling sometimes lacks. You have a couple of younger grapplers looking to impress. You have a couple of legends there to bring some extra shine to the match. Those things combined brings you some fun stuff.


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