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August 21, 2015 / Reed

Tommaso Ciampa vs. Zakk Sawyers from St. Louis Anarchy’s Circus Maximus Stage One 2015

Review by Reed Benson:

Oh, man, what a beating! I do not envy Zakk Sawyers his participation in this. Tommaso Ciampa lays into him like he’s initiating him into a fraternity. He freaking picks him up for a vertical suplex on the floor and then runs his head into the ring post! And that’s just in the first couple minutes of the match! If you like beatings, this is a match for you.

Then there’re the chops. So much aggression in those chops. Sawyers’ chest is so red. He throws a few back, but they just can’t match the ferocity of Ciampa’s. If you like chops, this is a match for you.

There are also a lot of knees. Ciampa does at least three big knee-based offensive moves, including a running knee while Sawyers is sitting in a chair. If you like knee strikes, this is a match for you.

This was my first time seeing Sawyers, and he certainly looks like a part-time indy guy. I thought he acquitted himself well, though. He held his own in the beginning, then took a lot of punishment but didn’t succumb. He eventually fired back and had Ciampa on defense. Then it got kinda weird. Sawyers started acted like Ciampa, pie-facing and taunting him while he was on his knees. Before that, Ciampa had made attempts at heeling himself to a crowd that was behind him. Why would Sawyers start acting like a jerk now that he was in control? Absolute power corrupts absolutely? Well, if you like random, temporary double turns in the middle of matches, this is a match for you.

The finishing stretch was great. I legitimately thought it was over numerous times, so they got me. If you like close nearfalls, this is a match for you (provided you don’t watch the progress bar).

Finally, if you like Tommaso Ciampa and/or Zakk Sawyers, this is a match for you. I just hope they aren’t like this every time they wrestle; I fear for their long-term health.

– Reed Benson

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