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August 21, 2015 / TJ Hawke

Jonathan Gresham vs. Shaheem Ali from Ring of Honor 2015


Post by TJ Hawke:

 In case you did not know already, Jonathan Gresham is really fucking good and should be booked in as many companies as humanly possible. He only wrestles with superb technical skill, provides unique matches, and gets over in almost every single match he has. What could you possibly be waiting for, promotions of the world?

Here, we got to see him have a condensed match with a bigger talent who did not necessarily seem ready for such a big stage. Ali and Gresham gelled well together though, and the match actually made me more interested in the Monster Factory graduate.

I was concerned that Gresham would do the job and be positioned in a forgettable manner. Instead, he actually made Ali submit for the victory and was put over strong throughout on commentary (other than them falsely thinking this was his ROH debut). This was good stuff and felt like the kind of match that Ring of Honor needs a lot more of on a regular basis. (***1/2)


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