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August 15, 2015 / failraiser

DJ Hyde and Penelope Ford vs. Rickey Shane Page and Heidi Lovelace from Wrestling Geekfest 2015

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Recap by Alex Torres:

Commentary by Tim Donst, Dick Justice, and Eric Ryan.

Lovelace and Ford start off. They tag in their respective partners, and Hyde agrees to do a shooting star if Page does a 630. After some shoulder tackles, Page and Hyde break the fourth wall. Page and Lovelace double team Hyde. This is perhaps where the match part of the match was strongest— Page and Lovelace played off each other really well. Hyde uses his weight to dominate Lovelace. Dick Justice sings Wrecking Ball because Dick Justice is a true gift to pro wrestling.

Hyde and Ford take turns dominating Lovelace. At some point, Page broke the tag rope? Hyde punches Page. Hyde’s shoot interview is extensively discussed. From the point Lovelace manages to make the tag, all the competitors (minus Ford) hit big moves.  Ford rolls up Lovelace out of nowhere to end this real quick.

This match was made by commentary, both from the actual table (mainly Justice) and from the participants (mainly Page). Sure, there was some cool actual wrestling peppered in, and Lovelace and Page should probably team again in a setting in which Hyde’s shoot interview doesn’t play a pivotal role in my enjoyment, but the reason this match works is because of all the chit chat. Watch this match to understand. This is probably my favorite match from 3/4 competitors, and may the Dick Justice/Tim Donst commentary table ride again.


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