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July 26, 2015 / Case Lowe

Mike Bailey vs. Danny Cannon from Beyond Wrestling 2015

Post by Case Lowe:

There’s so much great wrestling going on right now but it’s so important that you don’t overlook this match. “Speedball” Mike Bailey has broken out this year in PWG and EVOLVE and is slowly becoming a top guy on the independent scene. Cannon disappeared from the wrestling world but is back now [Editor’s Note: he is most likely not back now.] and is the perfect sort of opponent for Bailey. These two do such incredible things in the ring. Bailey is fearless. It’s impossible to look away from what he’s doing because I never know what he’s going to do next. He’s unpolished, but that works for him. He’s like Akira Taue. What he does isn’t pretty, but it works and it adds to his charm.

Cannon is right there with him. He moves around the ring so differently than anyone else and his offense reflects that. He’s a little more snug that Bailey. He works as a subtle heel, and it creates an interesting dynamic. Cannon’s kicks are lethal towards the closing stretch (his pants are very similar to Hashimoto’s so points to him) but Bailey is able to put him away with speed and cleverness.

This is a great showcase for both men. Bailey looked incredible here, adding to his list of great matches in 2015, and Cannon, who hadn’t been in the ring for quite some time, held his own and looked equally as good as Bailey. Cannon, if he continues to lace up his boots, will be a breakout star on the independents. Don’t let the G1 weigh you down – watch this match NOW.

Rating: ****

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