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July 25, 2015 / Kevin Ford

Fire Ant vs. Shynron vs. Frightmare vs. The Proletariat Boar of Moldova vs. Oleg the Usurper vs. Missile Assault Ant from CHIKARA Storming the Castle 2015

Post by Kevin Ford:

This is an “encore” match, which is to say an unadvertised match that occurred after the official main event. The contestants enter at random intervals from the back. Fire Ant cascades up Missile, but Missile counters with a Northern Lights suplex. Fire Ant maneuvers into Burning Down the House. Boar sneaks in with a big boot to Fire Ant. He muscles him into a bodyslam for two. Missile and Boar stomp him down in the corner. Oleg jumps in with a Usurper Kick to Missile and then to Boar. He picks up speed off the ropes and splashes Boar. He then splashes Missile. Frightmare comes off the top with a dropkick to Oleg’s back. He yakuza kicks Oleg in the corner. Fire Ant cuts him off and drives his knee into his face. Frightmare backflips into a neckbreaker. He hits the Here It Is Driver. Oleg breaks up the pin. Boar and Frightmare stomp on Fire Ant while Missile kicks down Oleg in the corner. Shynron sweeps out Missile’s legs. He takes down Boar and slingshots in. He hops over Boar and Frightmare and then back handsprings into tandem Ace Crusher’s. Shynron then flies out onto Missile on the floor. Shynron enzuigiri’s Frightmare, then Boar. He takes Frightmare over with a belly-to-belly suplex. Boar looks to stop the pin but elbow drops Frightmare by accident. Shynron dropkicks Boar in the side of the head. He goes for a Spirit Bomb but is cut off by Missile. Frightmare and Boar keep Oleg and Fire Ant at bay while Missile gives Shynron a Rocket Launcher. Boar then spears Shynron. Frightmare lands Kneecolepsy. Oleg and Fire Ant break up the pin. Oleg and Boar exchange strikes. Boar boots him, so Oleg splashes him against the ropes. Boar slams Oleg off of his shoulders. Fire Ant blasts Boar with the Yahtzee Kick. Frightmare enzuigiri’s Fire Ant twice. Fire Ant responds with one of his own. Missile accidentally boots Frightmare. Fire Ant spikes Missile with a tornado DDT. Oleg hits Off With His Head on Missile. Shynron then connects with the Spirit Bomb onto Missile for the pin at 6:44.

That was a super fun sprint and provided the kind of exciting action that these encore matches should. **¾

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