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July 25, 2015 / Terrance Smith

Andrew Everett vs. Roy Wilkins from CWF Mid-Atlantic 2015

Post by Terrance Smith:

Pre-Match Thoughts:

Even though I have never seen  one of these competitors, I am hyped for this match. Andrew Everett is one of the best high flyers in the world, tearing it up everywhere from PWG to TNA. I have been a fan of his work for over a year, and am always excited to watch more of his work. Wilkins, however, I have never seen before, yet he had a ton of hype around his 105-minute match with Trevor Lee. This match, however, will probably not go 105 minutes since a.) The video is 10 minutes long and b.) it is the first round of a tournament. As it is only the first round, I don’t expect 100% effort; however, I do expect quality wrestling from two well renowned wrestlers.

Match Review:

I’m so impressed, because this match was SO SMART. While it started off with some obnoxious Wilkins stalling, as the match went on, the story was complimented by really subtle action. It was essentially Everett’s athleticism vs. Wilkins’ craftiness, with this story being central to most of the action. It seemed like every moment was based in this story, allowing both wrestlers to play to their strengths. Everett showed off his athleticism non-stop and used it to take the advantage, most notably when he did a beautiful cartwheel to reverse a cravat. Wilkins, however, kept himself one step ahead with subtle and smart reversals to Everett. One of the more basic was when he got a rope break on an arm wringer then used that as a distraction and getting a side headlock, but some are too cool to spoil or describe. In accordance with the smart story and action, another layer supplements the story, the heel face dynamic. As Wilkins was using crafty offense to slow down Everett, the fact that he was the heel was perfect. It makes sense that the one more prone to underhanded tactics and slowing the pace was the heel. While the match may sound great, a few flaws keep it at merely very good. First was the finish, which made sense even though it was a downer. There was some interference at the finish and, while it kept everyone strong, it did feel anticlimactic and made me yearn for a clean finish. However, a testament to the quality of Wilkins is how he connects the interference with the dynamic between Everett and Wilkins. He is so good! Also, the time limit wasn’t mentioned until two minutes left, so any drama associated with time constraints was held until the very end. Even with these flaws, however, this was a really, really good match. I feel like I could watch 105-minute match from both these wrestlers after a performance like this.

Rating: ***½

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