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July 24, 2015 / TJ Hawke

Negro Casas, Esfinge, & Guerrero Maya Jr. vs. Boby Zavala, Disturbio & Virus

Post by TJ Hawke:

Yes, I watched some lucha. Negro Casas makes me do strange things.

This post is far from “informed.” I do not pretend to know lucha well, and every post I do on it is basically an exploration of it. There are places on the internet you can go for lucha expertise, but this site is not one of them. You have been sufficiently warned.

So, this is the Lucha de Maestros del Torneo En Busca de un Idolo. As best as I can tell, Casas and Virus are the “coaches” for this year’s tournament. One would assume that they were leading their teams into battle here, but Esfringe is actually on Virus’ team. At this point, I should probably just go and ask someone what’s going on…nah.

I watched this match for Negros Casas, and in that sense, I definitely got my time’s worth. He was often in the babyface in peril role, and he was quite great at it. Casas combines endearing charm, perfect in-ring timing, and excellent technical skill; he is simply a joy to watch.

I must admit though that no one else in the match made much of an impact on me. I have watched Virus a few times in the past. He does not bother me or anything, but he is far from someone I would ever feel the pressing need to check out. None of the “rookies” jumped out at me much other than Disturbio for his crazy facial expressions.

As for the match itself, the first two falls of course felt rather perfunctory, but Casas’ heavy involvement saved them from feeling useless. The third fall was quite the spectacle on non-stop madness though, and it elevated the match tremendously. If you’re not a fan of lucha, I think you will like this. After each team took a fall, Casas won the match for his team by catching Zavala with La Magistral Cradle. (***1/2)



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