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July 18, 2015 / TJ Hawke

Roderick Strong vs. Will Ospreay from SWE 2015


Post by TJ Hawke:

In theory, this was the exact matchup Ospreay needed to have a truly great match. While he clearly has a ton of talent, he has some weaknesses in his game that can be easily hidden while in the ring with Roddy. A couple of things held this match back though. (And I’m not even putting the blame solely on Ospreay!)

For starters, Roddy was truly missing that spark in his performance here that made so many of his 2015 matches very good or great. He spent the year working with a sense of urgency that really elevated everything he did. That was nonexistent in this match.

Ospreay also probably got too much offense in the last third of this match, and his flippy movez started to lose impact given how long Roddy worked him over. It made it feel like the work that Roddy did had no meaning which is incredibly frustrating as a viewer.

Now, with all that being said, those criticisms are really just the reasons why I do not consider this match to be anything more than solid. When you go into a match with two strong talents, you naturally hope for something more than that. The macro story of the match of Roddy working over a flipper generally worked out well and was just satisfying enough.

Ospreay ended up winning with a hurricanrana pin. I give this a mild recommendation given that it’s a bit on the long side. (***)


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